Support Services

  1. SBIRT is a comprehensive population-based, integrated, public health screening for individuals at risk for alcohol and drug abuse. These services are provided in a clinic setting and community outreach that has non-traditional hours. SBIRT also provides seminars and workshops in the community. For more information on SBIRT, please call us at (304) 792-7130 EXT. 1020.
    Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBRIT)
  2. Logan Mingo Area Mental Health uses telehealth services for individualized counseling and medication management. This involves the efficient distribution of health-related services via electronic information and telecommunication technologies. Telehealth allows long distance client/counsel or contact, when applicable. These services offer an added level of flexibility and help our clients remain compliant with treatment while receiving the quality of care that is needed. For more information on telehealth services, please call us at (304) 792-7130.
    Telehealth Services
  3. Community Engagement Services (CES) help participants to live meaningful and productive lives within the communities of their choice while avoiding the need for involuntary commitment and promoting recovery. CES program is designed for Logan and Mingo county residents who have been diagnosed with serious mental illness, substance abuse issues or co-occurring disorders. Each individual works with a highly-trained specialist, who engages available resources and such entities as civic clubs, churches, state and federal agencies, regional businesses and services, hospitals, clinics, veterans’ services, and other non-profit organizations and individuals. The CES program is available in both the daytime and during non-traditional hours to meet clients’ specific needs. Additional information is available by calling 304-792-7130, EXT. 1035.
    Community Engagement Services
  4. In such a rural area, transportation can easily become a major issue for some clients in Logan and Mingo Counties. LMAMH now provides transportation services for patients who qualify. ​​ Please call (304) 792-7130 EXT. 1037 to find our more information on our transportation program.