I/DD Services​​​

I/DD Program

The I/DD Waiver Program is designed to assist individuals who have intellectual and/or development disability in reaching their highest level of independence and self-sufficiency. The program provides and coordinates needed services such as training/habilitation, respite care, service coordination, and behavior support.

These services are provided within the individua’'s residential settings, communities, and facility-based day habilitation headquarters. Currently, Logan Mingo Area Mental Health provides service coordination, behavioral support professional services, community and facility-based day habilitation, and home-based person-centered support (agency) services.

For more information on our I/DD servcies please call,  (304) 792-7130 EXT. 1024.


Customized Employment Program

LMAMH offers individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities the opportunity to take part in our customized employment program. The program assists in obtaining employment.

For more information on our Customized Employment Program, please call us at (304) 792-7130.